DIY Beach House Lift Kits

Beach cargo lifts can make your life easier. Just how easy can they be?

You can put them together yourself and still have strong, lasting, reliable lift.

Even You Can Do It!

Thanks to our many years of experience constructing and working with these machines, we know how to teach you more about them. In fact, we can give you a simple guide that allows you to build your own beach house lift. From the time you order your lift kit, to the final step of construction, we can help you do it yourself.

Our D.I.Y. guide will take you through all the building stages involved in putting your lift together. Our templates and instructions are clear; you can construct with confidence, knowing that you’re taking the correct steps. We’re always here to help, too, of course. Even if you’re concerned you don’t have enough mechanical knowledge to use our D.I.Y. instructions, with the help of family, friends, and us, you can handle it.

It is also important to remember that beach cargo lifts are not meant for living cargo, and so a license electrician should be consulted during installation.


If you’re ready to start building, you can begin by calling us for more information. Or, you can take the next step and:

  1. Choose your model. If you’re not sure about what you need, just ask!
  2. Review all information on your choice, available warranty, and any other relevant details.
  3. Make your purchase. It’s easy!
  4. Receive your instructions, guide, and parts. From the basket, to cables, and more, you’ll get everything you need.
  5. Get a friend and get started!

We are here for you. Whether you’re considering a D.I.Y. purchase, need help making a choice, need help with your purchase, or need professional advice during your installation, you can rely on us. We’re also here to assist you with post-installation details, like service and warranty.

Let’s get building!

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    Fill out the points to help us build your lift correctly. If you are unsure of any choices, please contact the dealer and he prepared to send pictures if needed.

    1. Describe the Height Measurement:

    (from ground surface to upper deck floor surface in total inches)


    2. Choose Mounting I-Beams:

    On SlabIn Ground

    3. Choose Power:

    (for cargo lift)


    220V power is recommended. If 110V is the only choice, it must be on a dedicated circuit. We recommend using a licensed electrician!

    4. Choose Gate Opening Position:

    (choose the side you want the gate to open on)

    #1 Left Side#2 Front Side#3 Right Side diypic-n

    5. Choose Gate Swing Position:

    (choose the corner post to swing the gate from)

    Left FrontLeft BackRight FrontRight Back diypic-n

    6. Size of Gate Opening:

    36-Inch Gate Opening (comes with lift cage)42-Inch Gate Opening (option with added cost)

    7. Bracing:

    (upper support)

    Side Angle Brace (fits most sites)Horizontal Brace (5-Inch standoff)Custom Made Brace diypic-n
    Disclaimer *:
    Yes, I Agree.

    I understand that a cargo lift is to be used for non living cargo and is not designed for human transport. Cargo lifts do not have the safety equipment needed to meet the requirements for an elevator or any human transport equipment. I also understand that safety is the responsibility of the person(s) operating the cargo lift and the weight limit is not to exceed 1000 lbs. Cargo Lift Distributors LLC, TLB Solutions LLC, its owners, partners, employees, dealers, and/or agents accepts no liability for damages or injury due to misuse, self-repairs,or modifications to the cargo lift and make no specified, expressed, or implied warranty that the lift is capable of transporting humans and/or animals.

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